Save Money on Spring Break Activities at Home

saving activityIf you are wondering how you will keep your school aged children entertained this spring break; consider some of these inexpensive spring break activities that will provide fun for your child and save you money:

Plan out each day’s activities ahead of time with your child, this way you won’t find yourself wondering how to entertain them each day. You can come up with fun spring break ideas that will save you money and keep them occupied at home. Some things you can do are; have a board game day. You can even invite some friends over to play games with your child and/or the family. You can have a camping in the yard day; pitch a tent and barbecue outside for the day. They will have fun enjoying nature in their own back yard and pretending they are camping. Have a scavenger hunt with the neighborhood kids. For safety I would have the kids only go to neighbors houses that you know to collect the items on their list. For younger kids you can rent a jumper house and have it set up in your yard. You can usually rent these for 24 hours for less than $100.00. This will keep your child occupied for an entire day.

Chances are that you aren’t the only parent in your child’s school wondering how to keep your child entertained over spring break and looking for activities to fill their spare time with. Also, you probably aren’t the only one wanting to do something inexpensive and trying to save money. Contact the parents of your children’s school friends and come up with a way of having each family take on the children one day at a time. This way each child will be entertained every day, but no one family will be doing it every day and everyone will take their turns incurring the costs. Some ideas are; movie day, skating rink day, park day, zoo day, hiking day, fishing day, and museum day. This will keep the children entertained and allow all of the parents some days off from the worries of finding spring break activities for their child.

If you use your imagination and ask your child to help you come up with ideas, you will find that there are a lot of fun spring break activities that you can have them do that are inexpensive and plenty of ways in which you can do them and save money.